Random error with rigid body oscillator, rigid body disappears


So I have a rigid body setup just fine, and I’ve made a rigid body oscillator component, I’ve added it to the editor etc. and it kind of works. So, the entity will go up and down a few times, and then when it get’s to the bottom at some point it will disappear and the console gives out these warnings: https://pastebin.com/6ctYrL6p. The larger I make my oscillation force (the impulse force for vertical oscillation) the longer it is before the entity disappears and the console spews out things every second until I exit game mode.

Here is my component code: https://github.com/SebyWeby/RigidBodyOscillator

Thanks in advance for any help

Interesting – sorry for the troubles @Techtime. Fetching some answers for ya! Stay tuned :smiley: