Random medium and long term Ideas

In Random Order various effort and scope with some that may also be coordinated to be made by the community.Wip features should be integrated in specific wip levels so they can be released as soon as possible even with place holder assets instead to work them up to the proper level of polish to be integrated in the main sample level.

I tryed to select things that in my opinion may represent good and diverse subjects of learning even if not the most relevant features gamewise.

  • Ai using Behavior Trees and custom nodes.
  • Flying ai enemies & out of mesh navigation.
  • Crouching especially because it looks to not be possible to do it in lua.
  • debugmanager setting to test game disabling any cinematic for reducing dead times during testing.
  • unarmed and melee combat holstering weapons to multiple mount points on body.
  • object interaction push, pull , slide over predefined path , pickup / throw objects ( grab enemies with synced animations).
  • object based locomotion ladders , elevators ,jumppads , vaulting over and sliding under.
  • cover system with various aiming and blind shooting variations, roll around covers and destroyable ones.
  • enemy operated fixed weapons and other machinery e.g turrets, alarms, panels to activate antenna shield, light projectors pointing at you.
  • enemy hit locations e.g. headshot , disarming and dismembering.They can then show a range of different behaviours e.g. flee , crazy charges , self destruction, go melee , look for a weapon.
  • Vehicles and other player/ai controllables.
  • enemy/player that get knocked down from explosion/heavy attack and stands back up from ragdoll.
  • savegame with full state and/or checkpoint with partial save state.
    Level idea

Final Boss battle level with scripted sequences/cinematics, with states of the fight being a carousel to show specific engine features.

Various ai behaviours , animation setups ,particle and/or material realtime modification,rendering and post processing techniques, various kind of environment / object interaction and destruction, different visual aids in the hud( weak points explanation + healthbars, mission tutorial, visual hints about how and where the boss will attack next.

Possibility to run the level in gameplay or showroom mode with no gameplay and special hud with sliders to modify scenes and toggle features.

Possibility to test any state directly and skip to the previous /next state of the sample at runtime.

Multiplayer Spinoff

  • Multiple game modes.
  • Modular bot framework to be customizable and further enhanced.
  • Action replay / playback.
  • Immediate controls feedback with no slow animation transitions e.g. jump at any time and not just when animations let you.
  • Friendly fire on/off.
  • walls blocking access to bullets or to a specific team.
  • team management and spectate(choose team , team balancing)
  • Minimap with partial data with only your team and what they can see or hear.
  • Spawn point logic.
  • Player profile and customizations (nick, color , attachments, inventory) that get saved locally.
  • Leaderboards