[Ranting Question] Character Facing "+Y" or "-Y"?

So… Here comes the rant. Are you ready ? Good… Let’s go.

The Biped.fbx shows “-y” facing but the CrazyChicken.fbx shows “+y” facing. So which one should I adapt ? Also my request for having CrazyChicken.fbx isn’t even answered ( [Request] Can We Get "CrazyChicken.fbx"? ) So I can not check.


I want to use Mixamo’s animations and they all face “-y”. And for some reason I am unable to export the skin files facing the correct direction. Although I can export skeleton (.chr) right and everything in 3ds max looks OK, the skin files simply refuses to export themselves right. Possibly the exporter (rc) is at fault.

You see… I have been trying to fix this for… 8+ days now ? How should I say ?.. I am quite a bit irritated right now. If I am unable to use even Mixamo with Lumberyard, God knows how long I have to work on making those animations myself, also at much lower quality.

And I already spent something like more than a week… on a single error.

This isn’t how it is supposed to be. This just isn’t… This isn’t right.

For example instead of fbx imports and options, making a better character import/editing editor interface, writing the C++ API reference document why the effort is being put on components, AWS C++ API and replacement of Flowgraph ? Flowgraph is jut fine for now. People need base API more than AWS one; and why components are even out as replacement to entity when they are severely lacking ?

Fix and polish the most basics first. Then restructure/ deprecate/ expand upon

Let me get a line from defence industry and military strategy:

" What 300 $ rifle you pick for your soldiers has a lot more impact on the war than what 6 million $ surface to air missile you pick. One has a direct consequence to outcome while the other have alternatives to it"

I really wanted to use this engine but it really starts to feel like Lumberyard is “a lot more beta” than I previously thought. It really lacks connection with what people need right now. It almost lacks vision for itself.

Sorry for the rant but I had to get this out of my chest. I have been using CryEngine before and I had the exact same troubles there. It şs just bad memories calling back again.


I didn’ had the same issues.

(*however in geppetto there is also a transform for the skinned attach you may try to use that instead to rotate the skin in 3dsmax)

As for the rig I think that the orientation +y - y isn’t a problem as long as the root bone has zero transforms , but in max you can conform any rig to the conventions you need or have estabilished so it wouldn’t be so problematic to mantein the chosen convention.

I strongly believe fbx is the most valid option and hope and suggest that max and maya plugins get deprecated as soon as fbx get to a stable full featured state. This will lower the unnecessary effort to mantein 3 options with all the related problems.

*Edit: I was wrong.

OK. After using all the tricks in my bag finally success ( I think ?)

If you export skeleton (.chr) +y facing and your skin parts (.skin) facing the opposite ; -y ; only then it works correct in editor

IMPORTANT: Haven’t still tried the animations.

Screenshot below. I am leaving this here as a possible workaround.

I can’t say I am happy after 10 days of trial and error but still…


Hey @TAN, let me know if this works for the long run. If not i’ll get a tech to take a look and help you out.

Also, always feel free to rant. It helps us figure out where the pain points are for you all, our users.

Wait there is a transform option in gepetto for this ?!

Can you show me or tell me where is that ? I didn’t know about that ?

Also I think having +y orientation is required for both mannequin and other character<->code setups. But then again I still haven’t came to that part. So I’ll have to look for it.

Thanks mate :wink:

Hey @Binky_LY

That really didn’t work me in the end at all. I am trying to get an answer from Maximo about this whole “rotate 180” thing. Will let you know if I can reach a solution.

Well you got me there :smiley:

Still thank you. :wink:

I’m Sorry I was wrong.It’s just available for other kind of attachments not skin ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, so this is still an issue? If so, go ahead and unaccept the answer and I’ll see if we can get more help if Maximo can’t help.

Moved to Legacy Features and System / Mannequin