Realistic landscape

Hello, I would like to clarify. Has the landscape creation function improved yet? It means, is there something like this in the engine, like it was done in the World Machine. I would like to see the creation of the landscape in this form, so as not to have to use third-party software.

Everyone surely knows what landscapes you can do through this wonderful program. And no matter how hard you try, to do better with your hands, it is almost impossible. In any case, it takes a very, very long time to bring the whole process to the ideal.

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Hi @Alexandr_Selivanov

I have been playing around a bit with the terrain editor and so far it is seems quite powerful and easy to use. You can generate heightmaps as well as import your own. The heightmap generation tool is actually quite effective and seems to create relatively detailed yet “drive-able” terrain. You then of course have all the typical sculpting tools for your own tweaks eg. flatten, lower, raise, smooth etc.

It does not seem that there are any filters such as erosion and thermal weathering like there are in World Machine. Those natural effects create awesome normals and flow maps for that increased detail to make more realistic looking terrain. It would be excellent if Lumberyard had some simple terrain filters added so that one could solely use Lumberyard, but importing from World Machine or World Creator into lumberyard does not seem too much trouble in any case. Displacement maps and tessellation are supported in Lumberyard from what i understand, so that would help add to the visual detail of the terrain but i still have a lot of learning and experimenting to do :slight_smile:

Here a few pics to get an idea as to what is available within Lumberyard.

(Be sure to “Set terrain max height” under the modify tab in the terrain editor window to something lower like 128)

Generating terrain:

The terrain editor:

The results:

Up close:

Quick access terrain tools:


I haven’t tried the terrain painting tools yet and still looking into the Megaterrain texture feature in Lumberyard, but so far i am having a blast! :slight_smile:

I will likely still stick to my World Machine for now and import my heightmaps and texture maps into Lumberyard but for those who do not have World Machine and need internal terrain tools, it should do the job more than well enough. The best thing to do is just download Lumberyard and do some quick tests of your own to see if it would be viable for your projects. It is very intuitive and easy to use from my experience as a total newbie to it.

I hope this helps give you a small idea of what is available.

It would be great if all the features and filters from World Creator and/or World Machine were added to the Lumberyard Terrain Editor!