Realtime Server: Unable to use aws-cli to upload a script


I am receiving a strange response when attempting to use aws-cli to upload a RT server script.

The command I use is this:

aws gamelift create-script --name MyServerName --version 0.5.20 --zip-file fileb:// --region us-east-1 --debug

The result I get is this:

aws-cli/1.16.121 Python/3.6.0 Windows/10 botocore/1.12.111

And that’s it. No other output, no debug information either.

This is from my Windows box. When I run the same thing from my Ubuntu box (using sudo), I get the same thing, only with the versions and machine different:

aws-cli/1.16.266 Python/3.5.2 Linux/4.15.0-88-generic botocore/1.13.2

Uploading from the GUI works great.

Had anyone run across something like this before? If so, any guidance on what I can investigate to determine the cause?


Its the --version flag. The other parameters are ignored because --version is an uber option that prints the aws cli version. Hence thats all the output you are getting.

You need to use ---script-version

See aws gamelift create-script help for more information

Thank you. That was it.

The AWS-CLI example in the Gamelift documentation uses --version, which is what I went by. Next time I’ll confirm it with the man pages.

Can you please provide the bad documentation link? I will get it fixed asap.

Assume its this one: (CLI example)?

Thanks in advance and sorry for any confusion it caused.

Yes, that is the one. But I’ve already submitted a request for change via the Provide Feedback link.

Thanks again.