RECOMMENDED dev system? (NOT min requirements)

Since my main development machine is a Mac and Lumberyard Editor doesn’t work well with VMWare (I only got it to work by turning off 3D accel.), I’m looking at picking up an additional Windows machine for development.

I’ve already seen the minimum hardware requirements, but what setups have people found work well in practice? There’s a difference between min. requirements and what you really need for productive development.

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere and I missed it.

Thanks very much for the replies. The setup in @CriticalEggCeption’s response is almost identical to the i7 machine I was building out on paper for this work, but I was looking at a GTX 1070. Going back and comparing the GTX 1080 and the 1070 now, I think I should go ahead and get the 1080. The recommendations for dual screens make a lot of sense as well.

Thanks again.

Hi @clarus

The recommended is … as powerful as possible :slight_smile:

I would look to get an i7 or equivalent with a modern architecture graphics card, one oe the newer GeForce cards for instance. HDD speed is not a big thing for running the editor, but obviously has an impact, but much more impact if you are building code, so look to get a SSD if you can. For running the editor I would absolutely recommend a very wide screen monitor or dual screens; this allows the main editor window to be docked in one area and the tools in another.

I" having fps issues myself, on a 8sq km terrain, no objects at all, and one flood fill texture.

My cpu is a tiny bit dated , but it ue4 does extremely well considering !

Phenom II x4 3.2ghz, G TX 950 2gb.

One flood fill texture, which takes forever it seems to even do that, and then shortly thereafter fps goes way down to 5 fps and stays there, AND engine often freezes and I have to end task.

I doubt its just my cpu, anything else that can cause this, or is this due to ‘beta’ status ( as noted, ue4 is running just fine on same exact terrain)

ty very much

Hello @clarus,

This is a great question. I can recommend to you what we use on our machines.

I suggest the following:

  • Windows 7 or 10 64Bit versions
  • Core i7 6700k or Core i7 5820k (More cores are great for compiling code!)
  • 16GB ram
  • GTX 780 / 980 / 1080
  • 512GB SSD for your OS drive (256GB fills up fast)
  • 1TB HD for storage
  • Dual Monitors are great, I couldn’t work without them
    Have a great day!

I got a response elsewhere, and while unequivocally I need an i7 or equv. I’m told I can make that 8km terrain with 4k terrain and 2 Texture per meter setting which should put me much more in line.

no way can I afford an i7 atm unless someone knows a good fund I"m not taking advantage of :wink:

ty all