Reflecting a pointer

I have an interface, and two classes that inherit and implement said interface.
I have a component which has a pointer to said high level interface in the hopes that if the user wants this interface they can select which one to create.
This doesn’t work.
making a vector of interfaces works perfectly, sadly i just want one object.
Can someone please tell me how to reflect a pointer.

do not know that exactly do you meant and want to achive
but previously I wrote code with using common interface for few components that can be used on same entity. (it’s like behaviours components)

you can take a look on this example. mb it helps you

yeah it works great in a list or vector, but what i meant is this.

class Inferface;

class InterfaceImplA {…}
class InterfaceImplB {…}


Interface *m_interfacePtr;


what to do here to expose that pointer and make it work like it would in the container implementation