Release build fatal flaw?

I have been building and rebuilding everything for a release build on my project, and everytime it gets an error and closes application before even starting. I cannot get it to work or any help on this issue. I have never touched the engine source code, added any c++ to my project, and followed direct instructions on the docs on how to build a full release build. This is the game.log if anyone has ever ran into this I would love to know what I or this engine is doing wrong. Thanks :+1: BackupNameAttachment=" Build(0) 19 Feb 21 (14 03 31)" -- used by backup system -

I found the solution it took quite some time but it was mainly due to the wrong placement of a lot of files. The docs sort of messed me up on this process, but I got it figured out and was a user error.

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Glad to hear you got to the bottom of it @WashedUpStudios!

Would be super interesting to hear what the actual solution was in case it’s something we can improve in future or that might help others.



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Ok, the solution was that in the docs they have you make multiple folder for all the different paks, release, etc. but the paks are actually for me I heard from some people that the normal way works perfect, that the paks should go into the project folder, not release, the one named your project name. This fixed any pak related issues that I was running into in the beginning. I hope this is clear enough for others to understand if they run into this error as well.


Aah interesting! Thanks very much for taking the time to describe the resolution, much appreciated! :slight_smile: