[Release] FlowViewer 1.2 - FlowGraph Web viewing tool

(short. Flowgraph Viewer) is a powerful tool that allows you to view and study the flowgraph schemes (Flow Graph) in real time via the web site, without using Lumberyard Editor, without even launching the Engine, and having only access to the saved the XML-file of flowgraph.

is a web application, it is not necessary to download, it is already built into our forum and CryWiki
our portal, and only a browser with support for Adobe Flash is required to view flowgraphs. The
tool allows you to interactively explore FlowGraph examples and visual scripting tutorials and effortlessly visualize the graphs uploaded by community.

Example http://crymod.net/wcf/FlowViewer.swf

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Test flowgraph in Web: Spaceship VTOL Flowgraph

standard way to share the flowgraph is to upload its screenshot, xml file or both together. But it’s not always the best way since it doesn’t
let us to track all connections even if the flowgraph is small itself. If flowgraph will be big enough, making screenshot will be a complicated
task, and the high resolution screenshot itself will be too large to upload. So the only reliable way to view the flowgraph will be downloading it and launching it in the editor. Which is sometimes impossible due to version compatibility problems or because one simply doesn’t have an installed engine. I thought it would be great to have a standalone tool that doesn’t require Lumberyard editor to view flowgraphs.

That’s when I embedded the Engine’s editor directly into web browser!

joking, but Instead I made a web application that does exactly the same
task as engine’s Editor do. Now FlowGraphs can be viewed directly in the web browser, and won’t feel any difference, it just feels and looks like flowgraph editor from the engine, but only for viewing.

Here is the example (requires Flash player):
CryWIki example: Spaceship VTOL Flowgraph

And this is a screenshot from Sandbox:
Spaceship VTOL (screenshot)

Compare FlowViewer (v1.4) in web browser:

and the same flowgraph in engine’s Editor:

See? There’s no difference!
possibilities of that tool are unlimited. I already use it on my cryengine-dedicated community forum to provide people an easy and reliable way to share their own flowgraphs with others. Using FlowViewer
I can quickly inspect the flowgraph in my browser and immediately find the mistakes and tell its author what he should correct. Without any need to launch the engine, I can examine a great archive of FlowGraphs from CryEngine 2 through all versions of CE3 and up to Lumberyard, since
FlowViewer doesn’t care about the engine version. This is also a great advantage over the Engine’s editor.
I want my work to benefit people of all Lumberyard community worldwide. It’s free for use and it can be easily embedded into this
forum and documentation websites of Amazon. I believe that it will greatly increase the productivity of community and will be very useful to provide a live examples in tutorials.
It will help to popularize the FlowGraph visual programming among the developers and will reduce the entry barriers for beginners. So finally my ideas of advanced FlowGraph programming will be more possible to realize if community will
be already interested in flowgraphing.

Please, share this with everyone, let’s make this tool become widely embedded into community forums!

Original thread: [UPDATE 1.2] FlowViewer - flowgraph viewing tool

Cool! Have you thought about porting it from Flash to Html5? =)

Yes, I am currently trying to port it, along with upcoming release 1.4 for Flash. The first part of the system (drawing the nodes) is already ported to JavaScript, but it’s still very WIP since I started to work on that just a couple of days ago :slight_smile: I’m porting the entire system from ActionScript 3 to TypeScript, allowing me to keep the same data structure with all classes just like in Flash. The output is pure JS. It will be almost the same, but working without Adobe, using the pixi.js 2d renderer.

Is there any chance for this system to be integrated into Amazon\Lumberyard forums?

Yes, I planned to release a newer version with 100% exactly modeling as in Sandbox. The new system contains all FG node information extracted from the engine.

Yet I wanted to continue the development only on HTML5 platform, but I didn’t finish porting it. Was very busy this year.

Wow this is impressive and convenient. Are you going to continue with the updates?

Wow, this looks really sweet! Has the port over to HTML5 platform been completed yet? Has a new version for HTML5 platform (Flowgraph and Sandbox modeling) been released yet?

Not finished yet. Not even done porting it. You see, the HTML5 platform is not so consistent as Flash, it has many different engines and approaches to work on, but it isn’t really finished and the development process is not so easy and convenient as with Flash/AIR.

There are some “flash substitutions” in HTML5 that mimics the AS3 platform principles. I tried to
port it over to TypeScript and use pixi.js as a 2d rendering engine. But it doesn’t have that rich variety of input methods, and there’s no component libraries for GUI creation. Even making it drag and drop is quite more difficult than in AS3/Flash.

Also, CRYENGINE is now implementing a new scripting language called Schematyc, which is a bad clone of UE4’s Blueprint. I didn’t even test it yet, as I really quit all the new CryEngine and I don’t like CE5 at all, but I wonder how much FlowGraph system will be deprecated in future. I hope that it still will be in use and will be improved/expanded in Lumberyard in future. Actually, I want to take a part in engine development, I’ve got a lot of ideas on how to improve and evolve the visual scripting in Lumberyard. After all, I’ve spent so many years with the engine and its visual scripting. In fact I could probably work for amazon. Unfortunately, this
community website is very silent, Amazon doesn’t seem to be interested in expanding its community.

Anyway I will probably release the latest FlowViewer update on Flash platform soon. The new update is one of the most important - it will render the flow nodes just like in Sandbox editor, according to the nodes database extracted from the engine.

Hey @Alex626, we are very interested in expanding the community! We’d love to hear your feedback and get input on the new visual scripting system we are building to replace the current FlowGraph. We announced that it was coming with the release of 1.7 and showed it off a bit at GDC. You can see a preview of it here at 7:12:29: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125868526

We aren’t quite ready to do a full preview or roll out just yet, but if you have specific questions I’d be more than happy to try and get you answers.

Also, I should add this is a really cool tool you’ve created!

Also, I should add this is a really cool tool you’ve created!

@Binky_LY Hi Binky, it appears this video is no longer available and I’m very interested to see the preview of the new visual scripting system - could you possible provide us with a new link?

Hey @AlexKane, yeah, it appears as though the videos “expired”. We are working on getting all the videos (in bite sized chunks) edited and hosted on our YouTube. I’ll let you know when that happens.

it’s all in Russian… I can’t read Russian

There’s a bunch of posts in English, check this link: