Remote access, download files


After accessing the gamelift server instance, I have my game writing some log files in there in the /tmp folder. I can view the logs while in the remote access, in the terminal, like cat logfile.txt… but, I was wondering if there is any way to copy these files to my local machine, so I can inspect them more easily than from the terminal?

I am no expert (more of a beginner actually) at bash commands so not sure if its even possible.

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First, you can register your logs with GameLift as part of ProcessReady. When your game session ends, all the logs are then sent to GameLift and you can grab them via get-game-session-log

You can use common Linux commands like pscp or Putty/WinSCP on Windows to copy files between remote machines.

Theres some useful guides like How to Move files in and out of an AWS EC2 Instance – Windows | ASF that cover this.