Remove having the slice selected when placed in the editor viewport

Please have it where adding a slice from the asset browser to the editor viewport doesnt have every entity in the slice selected. This makes for a reoccurring unnecessary step to select the top parent of the slice before doing anything.

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Hi @Pablo

Thanks for the feedback!

This is definitely something myself and others on the team have run into as well. It’s a great suggestion and something we’ll try to get to in an upcoming release.

Thanks for the feedback and any other issues or little quality of life improvements you’d like to see let us know :+1:



Speaking of quality of life improvements, I’d like to take this opportunity to report that the particle editor is extremely hard to navigate with the new UI. The UI elements are collapsible but the colors are not distinct so it’s hard to tell what row you’re on. And speaking of particle editor, it would be nice to have something a bit more intuitive just generally.

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Thanks @wcb, I’m afraid I’m not super familiar with the particle editor but I do know the UI team are hard at work fixing issues with the new UI, I’ll check in with them if this is on their radar!

Thanks for the heads up!