Render output number of files instead of sequence frame number

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I have an issue with the number of files (tif) rendered out comparing the length of my sequence.
sequence is 300 frame long (with 30fps its 10 sec), but when i render out the sequence i have only 100 piece of tif file in my folder.
Question: is there any solution to get appropriate number of rendered out files in my folder that should be synced to the length of my sequence?

shot to better understanding:


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Hey! I have had the same problem for a while, and I was talking to a few people that said the Track View is going to be removed in the future for something better. For now I am stumped on how to fix it maybe someone has more experience with it, but I hope you figure it out :+1:

solution. just simply multiply the frame numbers by 3 in track viewer, render out again, and you get the proper frame number at the rendered out files
example: i need 300 piece tif file at the end, i’ll make the length of the sequence to 900 and so on
rubbish but it’s working

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Hey! You are a master if you ask me. Has stumped me for over a month thanks for posting the solution (even if it is rubbish) :joy: