Replacing FlowGraph with proprietary system?

Has anyone attempted to completely replace the flow graph scripting system (and window in the Editor) with a proprietary scripting system? I remember reading in the docs that this can be done—that you can override many user-facing features with custom ones implemented in-house.

How difficult is it to remove flow graph scripting and add something else (that has the same functionality level or greater?)



We have a very particular workflow here and a large design group that handles most functionality at the script level. FlowGraph appears to be a workable but perhaps unwieldy solution for them. We have a proprietary scripting/design tool from a previous engine that would work much better for our workflows that would be a requirement for using Lumberyard.

Are there white papers on replacing large modules like FlowGraph with something home rolled? Does FlowGraph have a stable interface to the game engine itself so that it could be extricated and still leave the underlying functionality which could be driven by a different solution?

Hello @smariotti,

Because Lumberyard is “Source Available”, meaning you have access to all of the source code, you technically could replace a tool like Flow Graph with one that better suites your project or team’s needs.

Although, replacing Flow Graph would be no easy task and I would recommend not removing Flow Graph, because it runs so deep in the engine and editor, but build your own system next to Flow Graph and use that instead.

Are there missing or hard to use features in Flow Graph that makes you feel like its insufficient to meet your needs? We’d love to hear any feedback regarding this as we take customer feedback seriously and want to make sure we’re making tools that fits your needs.

Thanks, and please let us know how else we can help.