Repository limits on Github?


From the first programming tutorial:

“Before you being development with Lumberyard, it is highly recommended that you add the pristine version of Lumberyard to source control.”

I would like to use Github but I’m running into the 2 GB hard limit for repositories since a clean install of Lumberyard is 3.66 GB.

Has anyone figured out a way around this and was able to use github?

You can look into github LFS. It’s fairly cheap as long as you never change any of the large files. Not sure if that’s possible for you or even with Lumberyard.

We are uploading just the project directory as we’re mostly working on scripting. We’ve had some issues with it but it kind of works pretty often.

There doesn’t seem to be a good solution. I recommend keeping backup saves on a local machine and trying to store only the important scripting stuff in github.

Yeah, I also only put my scripts and slices into my Git repository (BitBucket).