[Request] Add unigine features to lumberyard

Hi Lumberyard Team :slightly_smiling_face:
I reviewed almost 70% of Unigine and “published/Unlisted” it as a video tutorials without words with music and part of it in Kurdish language as a video tutorial a few months ago.
I talked and in the video tutorials below you can see those features, I have a big request, please watch these video tutorials and then add the features of Unigine to Lumberyard.

Attention and warning

Unigine is not safe and has C++ background and assembly destruction codes , Even if I make a mistake for the virus /spies , it is still possible , damage to graphics card or hardware components ,because I have experienced it and has been related to it before.
Hello Lumberyard Community!

Please You review and watch this video tutorials, After a short time(couple of weeks), I will make these videos private and disabled.(I made these videos active and playable for you.)

Thank you :rose: :pray:

See the thing is about this, is yes some of these features would be nice in LY, but LY goes its own way, not the same as other game engines, and that is what a lot of people like about the developers, they make new ideas not copy old ones.

@WashedUpStudios Thank you for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I have already published various ideas and strategies, I’re just brainstorming publish, and an example for lumberyard : Season change system/Time-lapse , Yes , I check out game engines and I selected/migrated to lumberyard for always , Because Amazon has the highest credit rating of all companies , Yes I know Lumberyard goes its own way , I said before it :wink:

I do not think ideas are copied, I’m sure there are “strategists and solvers or development research” in the Lumberyard team, I just suggest and they can check, whether they agree or disagree.

I say again, Thank you for your feedback and I’re just brainstorming publish
:slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

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