[Request] Convert node Vec2 to UI 2D Offest

Hi LY team,
I want making a radar map for my game but I need to a Convert node Vec2 to UI 2D Offest , but does not exist in LY 1.25 :sweat:

So it does exists however not in Script Canvas. The Offsets(name UiOffsets in script canvas and lua) struct have two add operators that take in AZ::Vecter2, also there are nodes for setting UiOffsets. It makes sense that the Offsets struct does not have a direct conversion to AZ::Vector2 or AZ::vector3 since Offsets stores the number of pixels from the anchor, where the other two have are just points in space, or a plane. For an Offset to be able to move an UIElement to the exact location you want, you have first find out the anchors location and then calculate what the offset should be.


Okay, I’ll try again, thanks