[Request] ISystem replacement feautures in 1.13

ISystem replacement

With the delayed 1.13 release, the new ISystem replacement will be introduced.
Old Cry’s ISystem was a huge mess, and I am glad you’ll introduce the new system.

If possible, I would like to request for the following feautures:


  • Option to disable logging completelly (no default log files created), or certain logging files (ie produce error.log with error.dmp, but no Game.log nor Editor.log).

  • Option to rename logging files and change path to them.

  • Ability to PreHook/PostHook logging entries, possibly with consuming/blocking entry or adding custom one.
    Game State (old ESystemGlobalState)

  • Ability to PreHook/PostHook Game State change.
    Game Events (old ESystemEvent/ISystemUserCallback/ISystemEventListener etc.)

  • Ability to PreHook/PostHook Game Events (Some part of it is available already in 1.12, but more events to hook would be really appreciated).

  • Ability to get text/value result of ExecuteConsoleCommand, possibly with return state (ie Error/Success/Async).
    Command Line (as in AzFramework’s ApplicationAPI)

  • Ability to get and consume part of command line before executing it by system.
    System information

  • Abvility to retriew more system information, preferably with device independent bus calls (ie about processors, operating system, physical memory, graphic cards etc as in Game.log/Editor.log).


Thanks in advance for taking this into consideration. I know that some of those requested feautures are implemented already and that some will be eventually low priority or out of considerations. Anyway, I would like to ask for those feautures as they seem very useful.

Certainly @Benio – I’ve added this to the FR list on your behalf :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks. Cheers.