Request: PhysX Collider Trigger example in Script Canvas

I am having difficulty figuring out how to use the Trigger feature of the PhysX Collider Component. Does anyone have a Script Canvas example showing a basic trigger in a PhysX environment?

a more complete PhysX system is coming in a future update, as of now Script canvas or lua doesn’t have those things exposed to make use of collision or triggers via events yet…so if you need that you are going to have to use legacy in that instance.

ah ok, thanks for the info. I’ll use the legacy physics for now and switch when the features are exposed.

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not sure what version of lumberyard this was an issue with. has it been resolved in 1.21

Yes as of 1.21 it has been solved, PhysX now supports triggers and different raycast colliders. As well as “OnCollision” events etc…