Requesting a pretty big but essential tutorial

Hi! Forgive me if I post this in the wrong section, but there we go. I think that what draws many people into an engine is the ease to set up a character and control it. For exemple in unreal, importing our character, quickly setting up it’s animations and then playing as our character only takes a few minutes. It doesn’t even require any programming knowledge.

What would really beneficial for Lumberyard would be to create a tutorial on how to set up a first person and third person character using emotionFX and Script Canvas. Blueprints made Unreal very popular, and such a tutorial would really help people getting started. You’re already making a bunch of great tutorials on emotionFX, a follow-up with a playable character setup would be amazing.

best regards

Hey @FerdinandDeMedicis – much thanks for this perspective!

I’ve added this to our feedback notes for further action. Just a heads up as well, we have some content surrounding these topics coming soon so keep an eye out for them :smiley: