RequestVelocity Event Bug

I use character physics component for fish character, and set mass and gravity both are 0. However, it still has gravity when I use RequestVelocity Event to control velocity of fish by Lua

Hi FredRuan. To fix that you need using CryPhysicsComponentRequestBus GetPhysicsParameters() to get pe_params_flags and set pe_params_flags.flags |= pef_ignore_areas; And all by ok :slight_smile: Not forgot to set flags using SetPhysicsParameters() in CryPhysicsComponentRequestBus. It worked in c++ i think in Lua will work too.


And if you try creating fish look at pe_player_dynamics.bSwimming i think it can help you too.

Hey @FredRuan — were you able to try out @Anatoliy’s answer? :slight_smile: