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Hello Everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, I’m not on holiday at least 7 years ago, even on New Year holidays, etc. I worked hard all these years, because I have a big goal to achieve, I had a roadmap for you lumberyard team, I’m surprised by community manager today, Thank you very much for REMOVE my video works / my portfolio on Official YouTube Community Playlist, No prior notice and no reason! Add and remove to official playlist! Childish! This is not the behavior of expert/professionals! it show for you do not trust me, I planned to promote lumberyard next year at the Computer School among computer students! This PLAN was stopped because of your strange behavior! You know I made/created a lot video tutorials for lumberyard since 2016- 2021 (NOW), Plus yesterday, 1.27 has a very big problem that I mention on the forum about realist scenes assets ,Also I Used Lumberyard in School Lessons Books Courses… This is a new idea for students to understand lessons and books at school and at home, This could go on for years but it stopped, I have also suggested to my colleagues in social media & The physical world to use Amazon Lumberyard , I also have a Blog and an Aparat account, YouTube account Facebook account , Telegram account , etc. that encourages and directs people to lumberyard ,and see links inside servers sites in Iran , and with the least facilities, I’m doing my work according to my roadmap & CANCELED beacuse you do not truth me :smirk: so all processing about lumberyard will be stop :100:% :white_check_mark:

As a teacher, I used lumberyard to understand my students in lessons and exams , See the sample exam sheets that I designed and that have the lumberyard, the contents of the lessons and exams related to lumberyard, In the last minutes of the videos, for examples of my students’ exam sheets show that they have a better understanding of the lesson, and this makes me very happy and, The pictures/videos below are very small examples of the sheer volume of my work eg. test & teach that my students’ learning feedback is from the Art Book and the Science Book at lumberyard :point_down:

The concept of the picture alphabet in Art book and teaching these issue like point - line - 2D & 3D shapes, texture, light , gradient , etc. and relating to nature using lumberyard of my students’ exam sheets

Over the years, I have come up with different strategies for the lumberyard team, and I have tried to implement at least the third strategy, and I have done so.

In this world, honesty is something that many companies and most people do not adhere to, Every sincere effort in this temporary world is doomed, but fortunately there is another world whose standard is not money, the laws of physics, mathematics, programming and so on.

Good luck Lumberyard team
Ahmad Karami
A teacher / software engineer / writer / game developer
:pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey bud I’m sorry if the Amazon staffers treated you badly. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate you. I’m a hobbyist and I really like Lumberyard and I follow your contributions all the time. I hope you change your mind and you work out whatever the problem is with the staffers. Because it would be a major loss to see you leave the community. And honestly I think the staffers probably know that too. This is hopefully just a misunderstanding because I’ve seen them support and promote your work on their official channels. So I’m hopeful this all gets worked out.

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  1. It’s their official youtube channel. They can do whatever they want.
    Very sure this wasn’t personal.

  2. Relax. Why do you get so upset everytime you don’t get the red carpet?
    Why would you leave a game engine because a youtube channel drops your tutorials from a playlist? What? Though I have an idea, but more on that later…

  3. From a business perspective I could even understand the decision (if it was one, maybe it was only by mistake) and so should you. But I think your ego is in the way. Again, more on that later…
    So why it would be understandable? -> Because it doesn’t look good.
    The videos sometimes don’t even have 20 plays or whatever… Quality isn’t good either (not necessarily the content, but the presentation…)

  4. And now the “more on that later” part: I heard that talk before. You’re the one who went completely bonkers on Crytek because they didn’t want you to promote your book or allow it or whatever and you ignored all the warnings and pushed and pushed until you got yourself banned.

Who cares if a company promotes your work? But I have the feeling that official recognition is all you care about.


هییی میخوام چیزی نگم ولی نمیذاری با ابن اوسکل بازیات…جمع کن برو این چه بچه بازی راه انداختی…اینا مگه به تو بدهکارن که ویدیو و پیچ تورو تا اخر عمر تبلیغ کنن؟
از خداتم باشه مجانی بهت لطف کردن چندماه تبلیغت کردن…رو داری خیلی زیاد…دوتا آموزش زپرتی گذاشتی…
با این کارهاو اون حرفات آبروی ایران رو بردی اینجا

Hi Ahmad Karami,

kindly check with them as to what is happening … befor you take any drastic decisions.
but i have seen your videos here
Lumberyard Release Notes – Beta 1.27 (December 2020) - Lumberyard Release Notes (

so i do not know if there is any other issue … also i am not that clear about what went missing that you have posted …i think i have seen all you videos from 2016 … you are doing a good … job … if you like amazon lumberyard … keep going at …it good luck and don’t be disappointed

the last but not the least what @ [Lytz1] is saying is very correct …since i also know you somewhat …i have been following all the activity online …so keep your cool things will be alright …keep a clear head and rethink everything …maybe things will work out for you better …yes … happy new year

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@wcb As a writer, I tell you that you are a polite and moral person, I am glad that you are in this forum, Yes, of course you continue with lumberyard :rose: :slightly_smiling_face:

no mistake was not made and I see a dichotomy and contradiction here, it is clear in the shots …

My colleagues tell me why Amazon just removed your portfolios? Why was your portfolio added and why was your portfolios removed , not others ?

This may happen to other users as well , Of course I know why, Patriotism, Because in some of my tutorials I included the song God Bless America, YMCA, etc., They removed my portfolio from their official YouTube account, just my portfolio, not others, … although I adhere to the Amazon NDA protocol and I will not explain further … I recorded videos of information that they did not think would reach me, but I adhere to the protocols because I have been with them for almost 5 years … In this world, honesty is something that many companies and most people do not adhere to, Every sincere effort in this temporary world is doomed, but fortunately there is another world whose standard is not money, the laws of physics, mathematics, programming and so on.

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@Lytz1 I explained your case number 1, in answer to dear @wcb

@Lytz1 I’m very relax , I see a lot OS, Programs & Game Engine like Linux, Godot, Flax , GIMP , etc

Red carpet, my God, this is not a Hollywood or Bollywood festival, here is official forum, I’m talking about duality and conflicting behaviors, of course if you listen, thank you for your idea, I do not want :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me be very clear, people are not in the service of Big Tech, but Big Tech must be in the service of the people, I hope you understand what happened to Facebook and Twitter in these two days, now Gab and Parler have emerged and a new platform by the Great Trump soon,
I explained that Amazon should not fall into this trap, PLUS I’M TALKING ABOUT STRATEGIES.

Again, I explained above why I said goodbye, it was supposed to be wrong, I did not receive an official message from the forum by the forum administrator or community manager to see what happened! why I posted goodbye topic, Why?

never mind … it doesn’t matter , So It was intentional … :wink:

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If you are right, Be very active like me if you can and create video tutorials, you are very ungrateful, this view of yours is really weird and irrational, I let you stay in the dark, have fun!

hi, i don’t understant exactly why you go.

Me i gone because Lumberyard haven’t VR functionnalties before some years (may be never) and unstabilty / no roadmap/ visibility even though i like very much this engine : i can see a very high potential (it’s for this reason i keep on eye here but no project anymore with that, i will take unity)

you work lot of on that, you seems very involved on Lumberyard, so what 's happen ?



But Crytek and “Terrorist President of Turkey” and anti-Iranian! Yes! The shots show that the founder of Crytek has a good relationship with the President of Turkey.

What do you know about the dark world of making video games! What do you know about Crytek? I wrote a Great book that, in addition to tools, also has C++ codes I explained step by step.

Crytek ignored my book, in fact it is a kind of censorship, Crytek knew I had a TV show about cryengine , because I sent the link to them, They posted shots of level design in the cryengine by users on their official pages but there was no news of my C++ book! Why only me?
(With these censorships and very big mistakes, Crytek ended! Because people like me were ignored (censored) , Crytek did not know what strategy was and how important it was, and crytek are still in the dark , And crytek are promoting German hardware like keyboard , mouse , etc :smirk:

If you have the power and strength to advertise on the TV antenna any game engine you like, I did it once for Crytek and Unity but it was wrong, I realized that some people and companies do not deserve a lot of honesty and love, examples Crytek, Twitter, Facebook , Unity, Google (Sector 230 Law)

Maybe one day I will explain here about Unity’s crimes and, I have written many topics in my book and it will be published one day, I hope to see that day.

Those companies only know money and look at humans like robots, it is a shame.

You do not write misinformation here…


I think you should understand more about what I said above, so read again.

good luck

Hi @Ranjit_menon First :slightly_smiling_face: :rose:

My name is Ahmad , last name is Karami , => K , A , R , A , M , I , not Karim :slightly_smiling_face:

Second , I knew about release note 1.27 , Above I explained complete!
This may be repeated for others, both deleting and adding portfolios to official accounts.

Thank you for your feedback :pray:

Hi @AriusV :rose: :slightly_smiling_face:
I agree with you completely, but YOU CONTINUE WITH LUMBERYAD, The Lumberyard team is working very well and very hard, AND very good things will happen this year (2021) :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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If I upset you with my answers, I apologize to you :rose: :heart: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

but I should have told a very small part of the facts, of course, if you know it to be the facts.

Amazon is a very rich company, it could have done much better than this, don’t be stingy guys …

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Hi Ahmad Karami,

I have a friend by the name of Ahmad Karim :slightly_smiling_face: hence i typed it like that. Hopefully everyone will appreciate your effort and you will receive what you deserve. Already you have lots of things going on and you are taking great strides in the gaming education and all that. God bless.


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He also trolled the Unigine forums, claiming that the Russians are using it to spy on us. That’s when he’s not rambling about QAnon or The Turks, of course.

I’ve tried to warn Lumberyard that it would be wise to keep this guy at arms length.

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@Ranjit_menon OK, any way you like! so you can call me Ahmad Karim 2 :joy: Thankful , The voice of my heart :heart: => God bless you & God bless your family :rose: :pray:

With the censorship that has started in Amazon and Apple, Microsoft etc., it is better to enter another world of digital, for example, change jobs and change the platform to Linux, and open source programming, etc.


I’m one of the proud officers of QAnon for 4 years and Before QAnon is born I have been a patriot for all my age years, hope to God that I will continue this path because it is the path of Christ, Muhammad and Moses. :slightly_smiling_face:

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