Restoring the editor layout still an issue on multi-monitor setup with disparate resolutions

RE: Lumberyard 1.18 Release Notes / Fixes / Miscellaneous

Restoring the editor layout is no longer an issue on multi-monitor setups with disparate resolutions and sizes.

This is still an issue for me, as my editor layout will not restore correctly. The sizing of docked windows is not saved when I close and reopen the editor and I have to resize my docked windows with every launch. Please confirm this as a known issue or let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

@Binky_LMBR @Amonster_LMBR @BigMonet @petrocket

Sorry for the delays @Yeshua - getting a confirmation from the team! Stay tuned.


Any update?


Any update?

Hi! We have recorded an issue for this in our backlog. Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you. If you need any additional information, screenshots, etc. just let me know.