Retrieving DNS Name and Port Before the onGameSessionStart Callback

I am currently writing a server using the C# SDK. I would ideally like to retrieve the DNS Name and Port of the process before calling ProcessReady(), as there is some initialization I would to do with that information. Is this possible? Am I misunderstanding a part of the process?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Darby_Anderson

Those are certainly possible.

For DNS name of the instance, you’d need to use EC2 metadata, see “HostName” in Instance metadata categories - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Here is how you can retrieve the data: Retrieve instance metadata - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Port, on the other hand, is under your control. The recommendation is to pass them in via command line argument when executing your game server process, e.g.

aws gamelift create-fleet --region $REGION \
--name "TestFleet" --ec2-instance-type c5.large  \
--ec2-inbound-permissions FromPort=6252,ToPort=6254,IpRange="",Protocol=TCP FromPort=22,ToPort=22,IpRange="",Protocol=TCP \
--build-id $BUILD_ID \
--runtime-configuration ServerProcesses="[{LaunchPath="/local/game/gamelift-test-app",Parameters='port:6251 gameSessionLengthSeconds:10',ConcurrentExecutions=1},\
{LaunchPath="/local/game/gamelift-test-app",Parameters='port:6252 gameSessionLengthSeconds:10',ConcurrentExecutions=1},\
{LaunchPath="/local/game/gamelift-test-app",Parameters='port:6253 gameSessionLengthSeconds:10',ConcurrentExecutions=1},\
{LaunchPath="/local/game/gamelift-test-app",Parameters='port:6254 gameSessionLengthSeconds:10',ConcurrentExecutions=1}]"

Then, in my gamelift-test-app, I retrieve the port parameter from the CLI and use that for ProcessReady.

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That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the help!

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