Returns an error SERVICE_CALL_FAILED if the number of player sessions exceeds 80

The MaximumPlayerSessionCount on my game is 100.

There are no problems when there are less than 80 player sessions in the game session.

AcceptPlayerSession, RemovePlayerSession API calls always fail when the number of player sessions exceeds 80.


errorName = Service call failed.

errorMsg = An AWS service call has failed. See the root cause error for more information.

So far I have seen this problem three times, and all three occur when the number of player sessions exceeds 80.

And after three to four hours of this problem, everything is back to normal.

This was always three to four hours later.

What is the problem?


Unity 2017.4.7f1 version.

GameLift 3.2.1 version.

fleet id : fleet-6b85c787-c4fe-4d54-b726-51dbf993c706

Hello @gba1224,

I’d like to know more about your use case. The server running GameLiftServerSDK has 60 seconds to call into AcceptPlayerSession from the moment the PlayerSession was created.

You can see the playerSession states from the GameLift console. If the AcceptPlayerSession calls comes in after 60 seconds, it will fail. If that happens, the PlayerSession will be moved into TIMEDOUT state. (Some more details can be found here:

Is it possible that some of the 80 players cannot connect fast enough sometimes?

Hope this helps!

you are right.

My mistake caused the API call to be delayed.


No problem now.

Glad I could help.