Root motion exploding on blending the reverse of the animation with event sync.

I was just doing a test with mirroring and reversing just wanted the character to change direction after a random number of steps playing the mirrored and reversed anim with event(feet)sync.the blending in this scenario is quite strange(it really doesn’t swap to reverse up to a certain hi value) , but the strangest part is the root motion that doesn’t follow the anim during blending, but overshoot near 0.5 making the character quickly translate away.

The same blending without sync is totally ok even if it is not correct when using mirroring.

The issue is the same using state machine transitions and blending manually.

Recently a bug got fixed regarding this, where with syncing enabled and inputting a Mirror Pose node to a blend node,the motion extraction would go all crazy. Perhaps it is the same bug, perhaps not :slight_smile: Can you maybe tell a bit more about the exact setup you test with? Some minimal graph setup that reproduces the problem. Are you using the Mirror Pose node?

It looks to be the same.I Used a copy of the motion with the mirror flag.I Could not provide an example graph at the moment.I come back with an update as soon as I can.