RtMessage payload exceeded maximum size of 4096 bytes

Hiii everyone. I have an issue when i send payload to server using Rtmessage i have exception : exceeded maximum size of 4096 bytes. I’m using Unity client and Realtime server script.

Can i increase capacity of message payload size ?. Because i want to sync many data with other players.

Thanks guys so much.

The max message size I don’t believe is configurable currently. I will check with the GameLift service team to see if they have any advice or can help you out here.

If you want to “sync many data with other players” you may be pushing the limits of Realtime. Its not designed to handle large volumes of network replication/sync. If you need accurate, timely replication of large volumes of data you may need to consider custom servers or get clever with data compression, data splitting etc.

If possible, could you provide your use case or examples of the type of data you are trying to synch?

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I’ve sync many data example : Player location , Object location , Player status , … . I splited data.

I wonder why gamelift realtime server can send much large size than client does.

When player connect server send all data realtime to players.


Unfortunately GameLift does not support this capability at the moment, however I can open a feature request on our end for this. To get some more data on what you would potentially looking for;

  1. What is the use case/flow that your server is doing such that it needs to send that much data?
  2. What is the maximum message size you are looking to support?

I’d echo Pip’s point above that if large scale replication across servers Realtime servers may not be solution you are looking for