Running Gamelift plugin for unity scenarios

Hi - I’m a noob with AWS Gamelift. I’m trying out the gamelift plugin for Unity (2020.3.17f1) on Windows 10 and I am trying out the server scenarios. I am able to deploy it successfully on the CloudFormation stack only when the “Game Name” is MySampleGame. If I change the name to anything else either the deployment fails or rolls back, with the create_failed arror being ------- “Resource handler returned message: “Error occurred during operation ‘AWS::GameLift::Fleet’.” (RequestToken: f0bc4b8e-442b-deab-e172-0de75bf80b3c, HandlerErrorCode: GeneralServiceException)”.

What am I doing wrong? I looked into the Unity Project folders to check to see if there’a a haed coding with MySampleGame but I didn’t find it. How can I deploy a game with a differetn name?

Hi Susmit,

Could you please provide more details regarding your Aws Account ID, CloudFormation Stack identifier, Fleet identifier (if generated), and the region you’re trying to setup a fleet in. Feel free to directly message me this information and the GameLift team can help take a look into what’s exactly going wrong.

We’ve seen in the past that this error usually occur when a customer is out of limits for the desired instance type. If this is the case you can resolve this by requesting a limit increase from the "Service Limits’ page in the GameLift Console.

Hi Shashank,

Thanks for the reply. It took me a while to reply because other things got in the way. Also, I needed to move from a client server model to a container/task based models. As a result, I am trying out the Unity/Fargate integration as given by the github page

The difference is that instead of autoscaling, there’ a lambda scaling function that needs to be deployed to the backend. I am attaching the cloudfront template at the end of this email.
Here also I am stuck on Step 6 mentioned in the project README and am running into some Service Limit issues (I think… Error attached

and being a noob I still don’t know how to fix it. An early response will be appreciated.


Here’s the backend Cloudfront template Backend template file

Hey @Susmit_R_Haldar

Sorry for the late response.

It looks like you’re right and are hitting some Lambda service limits. I found this post this post that might help UnreservedConcurrentExecution below its minimum value of [100] - Serverless Framework - Serverless Forums and the README also outlines how to get your account limits increased GitHub - aws-samples/fargate-game-servers: This repository contains an example solution on how to scale a fleet of game servers on AWS Fargate on Elastic Container Service and route players to game sessions using a Serverless backend. Game Server data is stored in ElastiCache Redis. All resources are deployed with Infrastructure as Code using CloudFormation, Serverless Application Model, Docker and bash/powershell scripts. By leveraging AWS Fargate for your game servers you don't need to manage the underlying virtual machines.

Have you changed anything from the linked template?