Running Lumberyard Editor on AWS EC2

Some quick observations for anyone interested running the Lumberyard Editor on EC2 Windows GPU instances

  1. Use an instance with a GPU and at least 60GB storage. I’ve used a g4dn.4xlarge, but there are other GPU options.
  2. Uninstall the VC 2015 Redistributable that comes pre-installed on Windows Server or Lumberyard may fail to install.
  3. Install the NVIDIA Game graphics drivers on your instance unless you’re using an AMD GPU instance in which case use one from AMD.
  4. If you’re network connection to the EC2 instance of RDP isn’t great, your experience will be bad. I’ve seen StarterGame’s Singleplayer level get 30-80fps in the editor, but that doesn’t matter if the lag between your computer and the instance is so high that input is slow getting there and video back is slow.

Other gotchas I’ve run into

  1. When you try to install Lumberyard using the installer it might complain during setup that another instance of the software is installed. This isn’t really referring to Lumberyard, but a version of the Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable. If you look at the logs you’ll see something like this:
`[0E0C:1744][2021-06-07T21:01:30]i301: Applying execute package: vc140, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\B87C38D093872D7BE7E191F01107B39C87888A5A\VC_redist.x64.exe, arguments: ` `'"C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\B87C38D093872D7BE7E191F01107B39C87888A5A\VC_redist.x64.exe" /quiet /norestart -burn.ancestors={9b53ba76-c4f0-4499-9813-828662bdcddf}'`

`[0E0C:1744][2021-06-07T21:01:31]e000: Error 0x80070666: Process returned error: 0x666`

`[0E0C:1744][2021-06-07T21:01:31]e000: Error 0x80070666: Failed to execute EXE package.`

`[1854:188C][2021-06-07T21:01:31]e000: Error 0x80070666: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package.`

It appears the VC Redistributable fails to install if it finds an existing one, and in this case it looks like VC 2015 Redist is already installed on some server images - so the fix is simple, uninstall VC 2015 Redist from ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and install Lumberyard again.

  1. If you run SetupAssistant Quick start, it might say it fails because it cannot show the release notes - don’t worry about that, just exit setup assistant and run the editor from the desktop shortcut.

  2. You can bypass the editor login on the instance using these instructions How to bypass the Editor login window when unable to connect.

If you have anything to add - platforms you’ve tried, or suggestions, feel free to add them!



If you’re not sure which region might be best for you, you can try benchmarking bandwidth/latency. In the past I’ve used [this one by CloudHarmony] (Amazon Web Services Network Test | CloudHarmony) but I’m sure there are others.

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I suspect any lag I experience is largely tied to my home internet provider speed, VPN and the number of kids in my house in remote school meetings or playing games :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t mean YOU personally. I meant anyone that might be curious and have a non-obvious choice of which region to use.

Although I hear that remote schooling has taxed many co-workers connections, so I sympathise with you.