Sample File - Parallax occlusion mapping for 3D definition of textures

We recently posted a couple of videos on our YouTube channel where Garnett learns how to use Parallax Occlusion mapping in Lumberyard from the Lumberyard Creative Director, Christo V.

Several people have asked for the files they were using, and I am happy to be able to share them with you here so you can follow along and make you own cool textures.

Download the sample file here:

Hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any questions.

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Very cool.It is great you made new videos… it’s both informative and entertaining especially in few very spontaneous entr’actes where Garnett shocked the Creative Director with his comments.It is a great format as Garnett seems to incarnate the average casual user that just want to play around, but just for osmosis ends learning from the Creative Director more than both expects.I would love to see more of this.

Hello @Binky_LMBR,
It’s really cool graphic and thanks for sharing the assets. But I met a problem is when I check the POM, the LY just crashed and don’t know why. Do you probably know the reason caused that crash?

I think this Asset use too many “emmitance multipler” frames for animation. So engine can’t handle with so huge count of frames, and crash, for some reason.

try to set low range for animation, for instance: max = 24 instead of 240


here is docs about animated textures: Animated Textures - CRYENGINE 3 Manual - Documentation

alos I find what needs to re-import displace map(POM_Sample_001_displ.tif) as Greyscale, because default preset (Displacement) imports just red square(

Hi @fluffy,it is so nice you reply this question patiently with picture~
It seems engine crashes even I just add diffuse map and normal map when I check the parallax occulusion map, without using “emmitance multipler”.
If I don’t add any textures to the material, when I check the “parallax occulusion map”, it would uncheck automatically, it’s weird.
My PC hardware should be fine to run this function, got a i7 core with 16GB ram and 2080ti video card.
If when LY crashes, it could get a log to record the reason would be very cool.

I’ve tried several times, every time crashed. But I found that, if I add ONLY the normal map to the texture parameter, and it just crashed when I check POM or normal map offset.
Besides, I changed the displace map as Greyscale, and tried other models and other normal maps, it couldn’t work either.
Considering is there any editor Setting I should set first?

hmm…it’s strange bacause after I change range for emmitance multipler it’s stops crashing every time when I change something in material editor.
I guess you need take a look on log file exactly after editor’s crash, to find what kind of reason for editor’s crash is

Hi dear Fluffy, I’ve just reinstalled the game engine again, and now the POM could work well XD
just still a little problem, when my view is really down neally the mesh, would see a bit weird edge there, is there any methods to improve that look?

I do not know how to fix this, but you may try to change some of params in material (some of offsets) what are related with POM feature

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