Sample Projects for latest update

HI, I downloaded latest update of lumberyard. Then I copied legacy game sample project files and set it as the default project as I did in early version of lumberyard but, windows message has appeared ‘Asset Processor has stopped working’. Can we fix this issue or cannot we use early sample projects for the latest update? Thank you.

Thank you and i figured what happened. I just didnt use the new legacy sample but 1.3 one. Today I downloaded new legacy sample and it’s working :smiley: Thank you again

Hello @Ravindu,

The first thing I would check is to make sure the Asset Processor that is running is for the correct version of Lumberyard. Because the asset process still runs in the background when closed with the X button, It’s possible that an older version of the AP was running. To check that you’re running the correct version and project, look at the top, center section of the AP for the following info; Project: & Root:

The second thing to check is to make sure that the Asset Processor in the new version of Lumberyard is working with the included Samples project. Go back into the Lumberyard Project Configurator and set the project back to SamplesProject, than restart the editor. If the AP properly runs without failure, then there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the AP per say, but with the Legacy GameSDK project.

One last thing to look into, is making sure that you copied over all of the required GameSDK items into your new version of Lumberyard. Simply copying the GameSDK project folder over would not work, you would also need the Bin64 and Code folders that came with the file:

Here are the instructions for installing the Legacy Sample Project.

Please let us know if any of these suggestions work for. We’d love to see you up and running again with the latest version of Lumberyard.