[Samples] Dynamic Vegetation Sample Spotlight Video

This video was captured using v1.20 BETA.

I’m going to attempt to consolidate feedback here on the forums instead of the YouTube comments. Let me know what you think about the video including but not limited to:

  • Length
  • Information
  • Format
  • Music
  • Anything else on your mind?

:file_folder:   Download: Lumberyard Dynamic Vegetation Sample ›

:green_book:   More Info: Read the blog ›

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Received a good question via the youtube comments asking about enabling puddles.
What @Christo155 did was add a Rain Component


in addition, when you add the rain component you’ll also need to click on the AI/Physics button (lower right of perspective viewport window) to see the rain fx enabled in editor. The rain will automatically work when you use Ctrl+G to run the level in game. Script canvas can be used to enable or disable as needed during game play.

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