Saving materials do not working!!!!

Hey. In my project, materials from objects are not saved. Ordinary materials not tied to items are saved. How to solve this problem? There are no Russian letters on the way of the engine. The engine itself is located on drive C.

hehe this bug killing me too )

If you use blender:

  1. do not use material names like : material.001 …002 and so on, importer can’t handle “dots” in middle of material names better use material1, material2…

  2. check tranparent chekbox in material panel, to avoid importer bug with 0 transparency. Anyways, after that you’ll get almost transparent materail by default) So you have to open material editor(M) and fix material transparency manualy and save changes.

  3. when you import fbx object first time u better select checkbox “update material” next press “Update” btn, after this uncheck “update material” checkbox and again press “update”. This operations generates for your mesh actual material that you should fix later, but in same time it turn-off any assetProcessor future unnecessary material’s updates for certain fbx file.

Thanks for the answer. But the problem was resolved by switching to version 1.7. I compiled my clean project. Perhaps the problem in the previous one occurred because of the symbol in the files “_”