Saving slice overrides breaks Constraint physics

I’ve constructed a simple pendulum using the Constraint component. This object will appear in multiple places so naturally I want to use a slice to propogate changes to it. I would attach a slice showing the issue but I’m unable to do so (security?)

To reproduce this bug:

  • build your own pendulum following the instructions here (
  • save that entity as a slice with the constrained entity, the target and the pivot all parented to a single entity
  • Make any modification to the entity; the Constraint physics still work at this point
  • “Save slice overrides…” ; the Constraint physics are now broken

Restarting the editor fixes the Constraint physics. This is a majour annoyance since iterating on the slice requires saving the overrides to propagate those changes to all the other instances.

Hey @yuriy000 – very sorry for the delays. For the slice file, could you zip it up and try uploading it here? Also I’ve sent this over for our teams to look into ASAP. Stay tuned for responses :slight_smile:

Also, what version of Lumberyard is this issue populating?

Here is the file: (5.1 KB) It uses two assets from the SamplesProject (box_1x1.cgf and sphere_proxy_001.cgf)

This occurs on 1.12.01