Scale down policies

I’m running FPS dedicated server on GameLift. I want to scale down an empty game server. Scaling policies looks like the total numbers over all game instances. I’d loved to use a scaling policy for a game instance so that I could terminate specific game session and scale down it.

If I create a game session with 32 player sessions, which scaling policies do I need to use? I want to make sure to scale down only idle game server which doesn’t have any player for a certain time.

I’d tested 2 game instances.

  • 2 X 32 player sessions = 64 player sessions
  • Scaling policy : Available player sessions >= 32 for 5 minutes, then scale down by 1 instance.
    One server was empty. The other had 6 players. But 6 players server was scaled down. Is there any way to scale down only empty server?