Scene ManageMent BSP Tree? Octree?

hello guys, I want to know what Lumberyard is using a scene management or Redner managemnet plan. BSPtree? Octree?

I want to know where I can see the details, thanks

In past times I remember that the space partitioning technique used was the main advetised feature of a 3d game engine,At that times this choice dictated the kind of scenes that the engine was able to run in realtime, but nowdays that engines are able to do a very wide range of different and complex scenes and we have very different bottlenecks than before these kind of internal details are generally omitted.

However I believe that Octree can be probably found in the collision code and possibly some kind of 2d or 3d space partitioning is used to manage the terrain/vegetation code , but I’m just guessing.