Screen Space Reflection

Already interested in this question, but in spite of the new games on it in a different engines SSR powerful, more frustrating SSR in Lomberyard. But in all materials except WaterVolume there SSr wonderful. More SSR not supported by transparent glass materials. So, I wonder whether the new decisions to be reflected in the next update?


Thank you for bringing this SSR to our attention! I will submit this feature request to Lumberyard dev team. Thanks again for the feedback.

The reflection on water volume is not SSR but ‘true reflection’ – scene rendered twice with a reflective camera. The reflection on materials is SSR but it’s not physically based. CE / Lumberyard just traces along the mirror reflection direction and does a gaussian blur.

Engines are lacking in quality reflections, I hope Amazon will put priority to implement quality reflection. Say good solution will

Stochastic Screen-Space Reflections

And a little more about the reflections in the engine, UE4, Unity3D, Stingray, available engines reflection which is constantly improving. Reflections such as they are currently implemented in CE 3.6, about 3 years ago and since then has not been improved. By the look very cheap, not quality, and limited. Here is another solution and it seems there is a realization of the code


Well I’m back a little to whine about reflections improvement. Unity, UE4 available engines have excellent implementation of reflections. Yes absolutely any modern engine has excellent SSR. But SSR in Cryengine and Lumberyard it’s just awful! I’m what complain, due to the fact that such a low-quality SSR, simply does not allow to create a high-quality glossy materials. So I hope you pay attention to the improvement SSR. I’m sure it’s a very major impact on the rendering engine and the materials will look like a lot better. As an example we can take Frostbite engine, when the engine was added (stochastic screen space reflections) he has changed completely

Thanks for the great feedback @abara. I will pass the information along to the team.

Is it possible to use this technology at the moment, or is it still in development?