Script Canvas 1.19 Gameplay Inputs?

I am watching a Script Canvas tutorial produced by the Lumberyard team a few weeks ago that shows the use of new Gameplay Inputs such as On Held and On Pressed, which obviously more closely aligns with the same use in Lua. However in Script Canvas itself (1.19) these nodes are not available. Am I missing something or are these nodes not actually availble in 1.19?

Thanks for the reply. Yes I have seen those and have been using that node, however in the released tutorial I am talking about they indicated that the Input Handler node is being deprecated and they advised using the new nodes, which they were using throughout the tutorial. Here is an image as well as a link to the tutorial so you can see what I am referring to.

Not under Gameplay I don’t. I do under UI but that is not what I’m looking for. The only thing I can think of is that these nodes were expected to be released under 1.19, the video was released, but then at the last moment they were not implemented yet as expected.

I am sure. Are you running a download from the Github repo or the installer? I am running the Github so perhaps that function is only in the installer?

No it should be the same, but by using the github as opposed to the installer I have access to the source code direct on my machine. Thanks for looking into this with me. Ill just wait until its available in a future release. Not a breaking issue at the moment, just wasnt sure where it was.

They are, at least, part of input handler node, and you can find them by typing input, among other things, in search bar, upper left of UI.

I"m not expert on programming thru this or otherwise, but thankfully these kinds of features help out many starting out.

Hope that helps, if not I’m around always and will respond when I get email at very least.

I have on held , and on pressed, where are you looking ?

Odd, I have many under Gameplay, you got no errors during download, install ?

I have no idea what would cause that as I’ve never exp’d such an issue.

Sorry that you are, crappy errors like that bite hard, I know, I have my own issues, but until and unless someone replies or you find it yourself, I’ll keep looking.

Have a great day, sorry for headaches.

ON second thought, I have ‘environment’ directly under Entity ( graph list ) , you do not, are you sure you are using 1.19 ?

I’ve never gone through github but I’m aware of its use. I have in the past not for LY tho.

I can’t be sure as I’ve never used GH for LY, but my guess would be most likely ya.

Odd, but ya. Is this 1.19b or anything or just normal naming.

YVW, & Glad its sorted but sorry its going to slow you down, hope next release sorts things out for you and in the meantime you can apply time on content,- for which myself I’m way overdue LOL


Hi @pFaso, sorry for the confusion! I did a search for some of these methods in code, ex: “OnPressed” (behavior context and script canvas automatically splits the words up into “On Pressed” inside the GUI) and it looks like these events come as part of the StartingPointInput gem. Do you happen to have that gem enabled?

That is right , verified, as ‘pressed’ is noted in description in project config for startingpointinput gem. Btw on topic, when I select render to texture, it doesn’t pop up red text warning me I must compile, but the one above that gem, graphics string, DOES pop up red text warning.

Is that an error for renderto texture,I’d LOVE that feature as I’m almost done with terrain …

Interesting, do you see StartingPointInput/Code/Source/Input.cpp in your Visual Studio solution? Should see a line of code like…

->Event("OnPressed", &AZ::InputEventNotificationBus::Events::OnPressed)

Is it possible to attach your project’s gems.json? Maybe it’s been corrupted.

Oh also… make sure you have Preview Nodes enabled :slight_smile:


Script Canvas > Settings > Global Preferences

Doesn’t that require alot of 3d party libs,im not sure I have enough hdd

Btw I already uploaded my gems.json, or are you referring to a different one ,you hadn’t commented on that so I was wondering.

What engine are you using, 1.19 here and I do not show such a setting in global preferences.

I’ve done no compiling yet, I see no vs folder or sol files anywhere. I know what they are, I just have no idea where they are, please elaborate. DO I even have any given I’ve not yet compiled anything LY ?

Yup its already ticked, thx for assisting on this I appreciate.