Script Canvas question

Ok I have a script canvas to move an entity from 475 on the x axis to 550 on the x axis then stop ?

I have on tick going to a move entity… I am a total noob

lol its all fine what is your direct question? If you want it to move that a On Tick is not a good way, because that runs all the time. To be honest I only use on tick for debug it never has a good use in game. Ok for your try this, On graph start ----> Delay (put the amount of time you want to wait this will be after game starts how long until move the entity) ----> Move Entity (Put in the x value 75). This should get you an entity that is moving from 475 to 550 on the x axis in a delayed time from when the graph starts, or game begins whichever you want to think of it as. Tip : On graph start is not only used for when game begins only if it is activated when the game starts otherwise it is just whenever the graph is activated.


Thank you, That worked

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