Script canvas request

I was looking at some Unity tutorials using their visual scripting language called Bolt. as the code is executed there is an animation, as the code is executed the connected lines will light up in sequence to the execution of each node. something like this would be very useful to help debugging code. would save time to not have to set up print statements to find out if things were executed.

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There is a lot of debugging nodes already made for script canvas, and if there is something that is terribly wrong it should pick it up and give and error on the bottom when you save your canvas. How would this work if it was going to be a thing? Like when you start your game you can no longer see the script canvas unless you have a second monitor, or will it be a new button in script canvas made for debugging it before going into the game? I do like the idea to speed up a debugging process, right now you have to put all the debugging in yourself, which slows down the code a little during gameplay so if it is not needed you should get rid of it after everything seems to work properly.

this is what bolt is using. with ly more than one monitor would be needed to be able to see this type of feedback. I guess the main use I see is when u don’t get an error in the editor and your code is not performing as expected. so would not need to add a bunch of print nodes to show when an action is executed. unity is ly competition and should stay competitive if they want to be the big game engine on the block. not saying they don’t. just saying things like this makes workflow easier to make using a game engine more attractive. if that makes any sence.

I do see what you are saying, and yes that is very nice to have if you do not like to add all the print nodes to figure something out. But the reason that stuff like this is not added into lumberyard yet is because lumberyard is more or less a triple A engine, and I agree with you this would be very neat and save some time, but the dev team are working to improve and make more tools to make other workflows smoother. Adding print nodes is at least a possibility to debug it, but for something like the animation editor, they needed to fix more problems after making there own animation editor for the engine. I would like to see this but unless someone else makes this possible I do not see the dev team working on something that just is not needed that bad. Just my few cents.

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