Script Canvas Tutorials-Let's get start-Lumberyard 1.14-Robot Island

Hi Everyone,

I’m Ahmad Karami , I’m a gameplay programmer.
I liked to publish educational videos, but the Iranian government is interrupting the Internet, Every day, the Internet becomes weaker, and I try to make good training’s this time,anyway, These tutorials will be pictorial and photo-like and I will try to publish video tutorials with all my efforts.

Welcome to Script Canvas :slight_smile:

I started Robot Island Project a few months ago, and I using with lumberyard. from 2016 , this project is with Lumberyard 1.14.

Step 01:

You extract (Click Here) to this path :


Step 02:

You extract (Click Here) to this path :


Step 03:

You switch to SamplesProject , then Open Level , You must be able to load MyPlayer map

I will develop and I improve this project and tutorials in Script Canvas, I want make this project (Robot Island) with script canvas ( like as Starter Game project ), I will be soon going to detail and explain this project.

But the general description In this project, you can see that above links can be downloaded and you use :

W key : Move Borward

S key : Move Backward

Press Left Shift key : Change Speed Walk to Run

Release Left Shift key : Change Speed Run to Walk

Mouse X : Camera Rotate (Horizontal)

Mouse Y : Camera Rotate (Vertical)

Space key : Jump (with Control Direction Move)

F key : Throw Grenade

G key : Raycast Shoot

There is also Area Triggers for Weapons Raycast Shoot and Throw Grenade ( both based on camera direction with Ammo value )

If you have any problems with this project, let me know.

Stay tuned


Thanks a lot and congrats for the initiative!

i thank you too , please you download and test my project,if you/persons have any questions let me know :wink: