Script Canvas visual scripting video tutorials

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I’m glad announce , I want start for make great video tutorials on the base quite conceptually , These videos help you get an excellent understanding of script canvas node base system , If you are interested, please refer to the following links:

I’ll start soon

My previous video tutorials :

Playlist 1 (Component Entity System)

Playlist 2 (Component Entity System)

A technical work with creativity
(Amazon Lumberyard + Adobe Photoshop)

flowgraph (deprecated & removed)

Old tutorials of Script Canvas :




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Hello as I go from idle to running using canvas nodes

Hi @NewUser-d84f70ec-a78

Explain further what do you want?

This is the best video tutorial channel :point_down:

And this is my channel :point_down:

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Hi! How are you? this link has the clearest question

Hi @NewUser-d84f70ec-a78 :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you :rose:

I see your video , so I suggest to you see this video tutorials, this videos can help you :point_down:

Also this video can help you :point_down: