Secret and Access Key

So I stumbled upon the topic of a secret key and access key. I a. Confused of what these keys are, are there multiple of them, how do I get them, and what do they do?

Typically when Secret Keys and Access Keys are mentioned in the Gamelift documentation, the documentation is talking about AWS credentials (

A user in an AWS account will have a set of credentials which can then be used to access AWS resources or temporarily exchanged for roles in other AWS accounts.

You can view and create users (and their credentials) using the AWS IAM service either on the console or command line.

How you use them is really up to you and your security model ie you may have a user that can read from a particular SQS queue or one that can write messages. You may have an identity that your game server runs with that has delete permissions on the AWS resources in your account(s).

You can also use services like AWS Cognitio to exchange external identities ie email address, logged in users in your system for temporary AWS credentials from your account.

Hopefully that gives you are good starting place. Let us know if you have any further questions.