Send external commands to lumberyard ?

Hello !

I wonder if it is possible to send external commands to lumberyard? I am a Python user and I often work by opening sockets to send commands between my applications. For example I have a custom external application that can tell lumberyard to save, or to do something else ?



Hey @ncas – I don’t believe this is something we have at the moment. However, I’ve added this to our features list on your behalf for further action from the Lumberyard Team. Sorry for any inconveniences :frowning:

Ok, that could be great for external applications. Especially since there is more and more specialized softwares to be integrated into a pipeline. And best would be that these softwares share the same application.

Even if classic 3D softwares uses python, there are python / C ++ wrappers, so it will also open up more flexibility.