Sequencer icon shapes and sizes.

I was working on some sequences today and I was finding the icon sizes and shapes tough on the eyes after a while, I’m on a normal 27" 1080p monitor and mid day I had interface fatigue… <- must be getting old right? Ha!

Anyways, just constructive criticism, the sequencer icons and dpi needs some love.

Fair play – I’ve added your note to our feedback list for further action!

Thanks for the perspective! :smiley:

Hiya @Nossgrr! Would it be possible to bother you for some screenshots to go along with this as well?

Sure thing, here you go… Notice the dark blue Key icons barely have any contrast with the background, same with the green ones in the curve editor. They give your eyes a workout after a while. lol

Yikes – totally! Thanks for sending this over. I’ve sent this over for further action. Will keep you posted on news as soon as I can :slight_smile: