Server Browser -- anyone tried this?

I’m at the point in my multiplayer project (unreal engine 4) where I’ve gotten dedicated servers to work via gamelift, I’m trying to find a better way for my partners and I (and eventually the actual players) to connect. I dived into the matchmaking stuff but I fear it’s getting too complicated for me to follow. I intend to keep going with it, but I am wondering – are there any examples out there of a server browser with gamelift? just looking up and returning all game sessions under an alias? documentation doesn’t show anything like that, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried. It would be a nice solution for now until I get matchmaking to work…

Is there something you need outside of a call to describe-game-sessions ( ?

If you are just working with single fleet/alias, it will provide all you need for a client to find an available session. For queues, call to get fleets, then describe fleets as before.

You can see an example of this in MultiplayerSample/GameLift gem (if you are using Lumberyard)

Linked to cli refences, but same calls are available for C++ ie