Server crash on gamelift_start_server

Hey guys,

My profile builds work great with my local gamelift server. I can create an active session. All good. But my release build crashes on “gamelift_start_server”. The release build works perfectly fine on LAN but upon starting the gamelift session it crashes. This does not happen on my profile builds.

When I attach a debugger to the release build and trigger the crash, it complains of “Source information is missing from the debug information for this module.” The crash seems to be happening in ntdll. The server pdb files are correctly being loaded. Likely a dll issue.

My project has the multiplayer and gamelift gems enabled.

Any help would be appreciated.

Remember an EC2 windows instance instance (in this case Windows Server 2012 I believe) is pretty bare bones. If you require DLLs you should install them as part of your install.bat script

Most likely you aren’t installing the Windows Visual Studio Redistribution, so:

Then remote into the instance (See Windows Remote Access won't connect to GameLift Fleet, what am I doing wrong?)

  • Check your server logs for hint at why things are crashing on launch
  • And/or manually launch the process to ensure it starts, or check the error message for what DLLs are missing

Pro tip:

  • Open the RDP port on the fleet during fleet-creation when testing on GameLift (can turn off once your builds are stable). Otherwise you have to wait until the fleet is ACTIVE or in ERROR to adjust the fleet ports which can a while.

See for more troubleshooting helo