Server Region Conflict

Somehow, this morning I tried upload my linux server to US gamelift server.

And it seems to not being able to connect to gamelift lobby. (The whole process just hanged. I can’t even use get instance access to go in and see what’s going on.)

Worse yet, the same thing happened when I tried to test it on my asia server. (It was working before…)

The whole thing works fine on GameLift Local though… SO is this some region network conflict I don’t know about?

All the regions run on public EC2 so there should be no problems (aside from increased latency) talking to any of the standard regions from anywhere in the world generally. (BJS requires its own AWS china creds but again is accessible from PDX). Out of interest where are you connecting from?

Not sure what you mean by “gamelift lobby”, are you refering to the console or to connecting to game/player sessions? Can you provide a few more details about where you are seeing connection issues? Which APIs are timing out for you?

Have you checked your fleet metrics to ensure you have active stable processes on your instances? Game sessions / player session placement may time out unless you have capacity.

If you provide a fleet id and region, we can take a quick look. If you are placing via a queue if you have gamesession id / placement ids that would also be very useful.

I mean the central gamelift center service that tracks all server in regions. (The one Gamelift local replicate…)

Well, anyhow, I tried creating the fleet again, using exact same built. And sometimes it work, some time it doesn’t. This is super random…