Server Spawn Randomly

Well, we have been using Gamelift to test our game for a big while (6-9 months). Suddenly last night, we encounter a new problem. Gamelift refused to spawn more game instances. Instead, once the available player sessions were low, it spawned more servers.

However, once spawned, these servers doesn’t seem to start any new server instances either. So it kept on spawning new servers until the limit was reached. (Luckily we limited it to 5 not 100.)

There was no change in our server code, and the server worked fine over the weekend. It only started acting up yesterday. Please help look into this, as we left it open for you to look at.

FleetID: fleet-d2ca9867-ca39-40b2-a2dd-9169a02750ac

update* We tried opening new servers on different machine cluster. Same thing happens. The new server spawned a specified number of instances as instructed, but once player has left the server, they closed as intended but didn’t get re-spawn back to the same number as before.

This used to work, but suddenly stop working yesterday. Did you guy change something?

Hey KillerPenguin, we believe you have also reached out concerning this issue to AWS support channels, thank you. We will work with you on this issue to investigate alongside AWS support and will have an update for you shortly.