Session test problem

Currently, I am testing a fleet with a free tier.

it was possible to create multiple sessions in one instance, but now it is not.

Is it because I used Free Tier?

To my knowledge, the free tier is only limited by specific resource usages, like instance uptime or outbound network traffic. See “Getting Started for Free” at the bottom of the FAQ page.

And as i saw this business model applies to every other services AWS provides. Free tier lacks certain support services.

Gamelift gives you for free (

    25 hours per month of Amazon GameLift c3.large, c4.large and c5.large (combined) depending on region for On-Demand instance usage, plus 50 GB EBS General Purpose SSD storage

    15 GB per month of bandwidth out, aggregated across all AWS services

Theres nothing stopping you from running multiple servers per instance; GameLift only cares about instances. So you can run multiple servers (ie multiple sessions concurrently) and host multiple sessions one after another?

Can you provide more details about what problems you are seeing? Are your sessions staying active and not terminating? Are you seeing problems launching multiple servers concurrently?