Setup Failed Lumberyard v1.2.0.0 PC

Trying to install but getting the below error message. Not sure if this is relevant but my system drive for windows is a dedicated 60gb ssd (about 16gb remaining) so I install most to the 1TB SSD (200gb remaining).

One of more issues caused the setup to fail. Please fix the issues and then retry setup.

For more information see the log file.

0x80070057 - The parameter is incorrect.

Log attached.2151-lumberyard-v1200-20160512074654.txt (110 KB)lumberyard-v1200-20160512074654.txt

After some testing and research I suspect the installer needs much larger than 5gb of system drive and crashes even though you select the installation path in beginning. Not positive, instead I downloaded the zip instead and installed using this video.